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Sy Smith plans to 1,000 small businesses in Gary, Indiana.

With three jobs inside each new small business, we can get 3,000 people working in our city of less than 80,000. The pipeline to work will begin with children ages five and up.

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Sy Smith believes people are healthier when they can enjoy life.

He also understands that it is very difficult to enjoy yourself when bills are going unpaid and violence is erupting all around. His plan evolves around building a celebratory infrastructure where birthdays, anniversaries, and special days are supported block by block with private funders.



Sy Smith believes learning is a lifelong process.

He has established twenty career industries to ensure that everyone that brings a certain skill set and network to Gary to enhance everyone’s personal and professional development.


Of the 78,450 people

over 37% of our citizens or 29,000 of us are living in poverty. Iraq only has a 22% poverty rate. Candidate Sy Smith will combat poverty through his compassionate leadership that will stop the exploitation of Gary resources. Internalization is key to combat hunger, supplemental child care cost support and crucial job skills training for long term sustainability.

When blight is wide spread

investors tend to stay out and criminal activity moves in. Don’t take the bait, it does not take a long time to have a clean respectful looking city. Sy will personally work and contribute money to clean up our city.

Candidate Sy Smith

has an innovative plan to increase the salary of our police and fire fighters while adding to the tax base within the city. Boosting morale of our public safety officers will give way to Sy’s massive career development plan for our youth from every neighborhood.

the change gary now campaign



A plan to invest $100,000.00 now.